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When To Begin Using Anti-Aging Treatments?

"We often get asked, "When should I begin using anti-aging treatments and creams?"


The answer is now. We recommend introducing antioxidants to the skin at an early age starting from 20 and up. I must stress it is never too late to begin using anti aging products. I have broken down the typical skin concerns by age group. I hope that this helps you on your quest of finding the right anti-aging home care treatment as well as the adequate professional treatments to offer your clients.


Stage One (20-30)


Due to increase in skin oxidation and free radical damage the skin will begin to appear dull, and minimal signs of sun damage will begin to appear. There is also an increase in loss of water, reduction of amino acids and protein levels which will show first expression lines. The best solution for this age group is mesoestetics Energy C line and the Bio-C Peel. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that helps improve the tone and texture of the skin, ideal in treating 20-30 year olds.


Stage Two (30-40)


At this stage we will see a reduction in the fibroblast function causing loss of collagen and elastin production which will result in a thinning of the skin. There is also a reduction of skin structural elements which support skin strength and health which will cause and increased depth of wrinkles. The key ingredient for this age group is Collagen and introducing Retinol into your/ your clients’ regimen! The ideal retinol cream is Age Rescue; the active ingredients Lactobionic Acid, Glycolic Acid, and Lactic Acid help target imperfections in aging that best suit this age group. We recommend the mesoestetic Collagen 360 intensive cream to help build up collagen production in the skin. We also highly recommend microneedling to help stimulate the fibroblast, using a needling infusion such as Snap 6-7-8 that is a peptide powerhouse will help the appearance of wrinkles and the formation of more expression lines.


Stage Three (40-50)


Decrease in cell renewal, the cell has now entered the mature stage which results in reduction of skin elasticity and firmness. Deterioration of the epidermis and connective tissue will result in deep wrinkles, dehydration, and volume loss. Our main target is to stimulate cell renewal so introducing active ingredients like retinol, epidermal growth factors, and glycolic acids are essential in treating this age group. We highly recommend the Innoaesthetic Glyco-Age Peel that helps stimulate epidermal cell renewal. For awesome homecare maintenance we recommend Age Rescue to help further cell renewal at home. The mesoestetic Stem Cell line is full of active growth factors that will help strengthen and thicken the epidermis.


Stage Four (50+)


During this stage the intercellular junction is depleted; there is a reduction of the metabolic function of the skin glands which results in loss of definition and facial contour, skin fragility, and very deep wrinkles. Our main focus is increasing the life of the cell, strengthening the skin, and aiding in cellular renewal. We highly recommend Vitamin Infusions using the Innoaesthetic Vitamin Complex or the mesoestetic Bio Flash infusion via microneedling. The mesoestetic DNA treatment has been formulated for this specific age group. It is ideal in reversing the signs of aging. We have seen optimal results when the DNA ampoule is infused via microneedling or oxygen therapy.


We hope this helps you on your anti-aging journey!


-Elizabeth Michael

Licensed Aestehtician"

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