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La Cherry Luxury Medical Aesthetics, LLC

La Cherry Luxury Medical Aesthetics, LLC

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Comprehensive Skin Care Treatments


Improve the condition of your skin with La Cherry Luxury Medical Aesthetics. We provide a wide range of face and body skin anti-aging treatments that can restore your youthful look. Visit us at 206 Sea Island Parkway, Suite 23 Tidewatch Circle, Lady's Island, South Carolina to request a free and quick skin health analysis using our Image Pro I skin imaging system, the newest tool used by the modern aesthetics professional.


Radiance DNA


Package of five sessions is recommended for best results.

60 minutes session 

Basic - $180 per session without microneedeling or $900 per package of five sessions.

90 minutes session

Advanced - $280 per session with microneedeling or $1400 per package of five sessions.

Package purchase includes home care  product valued at $150.

Anti-aging global-acting treatment designed to respond to stage IV aging aesthetic disorder and is aimed to increase cell longevity, acting on DNA repair and protection processes.   

DSE Mask-Exfoliating Face Mask


35 minutes session 

$175 per session

This exfoliating face mask targets superficial to moderate hyperpigmentation and mild to moderate inflammatory acne. It also improves the appearance of fine lines and moderate photo aging.



45 minutes session

$150 per session

Mandelage is used for treating moderate skin aging and superficial pigmentation.

Skin Recovery

Skin recovery without microneedeling.

30 minutes session

$135 per session

 Skin recovery with microneedeling.

45 minutes session

$235 per session

This product is effective in normalizing acne and oily skin condition. 

Restructurer for Face

45 minutes session

$275 per session

This treatment improves the production of tropocollagen and regulates the synthesis of the elements involved in skin nutrition. It also controls free radicals while lightening melanin pigment.


Firming for Face

45 minutes session 

$225 per session

The active ingredients are effectively combined to promote dermal fiber contractions, thereby improving skin elasticity and reducing sagging. It also protects cell membranes against free radical damage.


Ultimate Eye Corrector

Ultimate Eye Corrector is recommended as a three sessions treatment for best results.

Ultimate Eye Corrector Basic improves the signs of photo aging in the peri-orbital area.

20 minutes session

$150 per session

Ultimate Eye Corrector Advanced with microneedeling and matrix solution.. Complete box kit includes three sessions.



45 minutes session

$195 per session

MG-TCA 35 offers powerful cutaneous revitalization with intense action on signs of aging and expression lines.

BIO C with Microneedeling


35 minutes session

$220 per session

This is a preventive action against premature skin aging with powerful effects on tone and luminosity. 

Advanced BIO C with microneedeling.

60 minutes session

$320 per session

Home care medicated treatment available. Ask for details.

Dermaplaning Facial

30 minutes session

$75 per session

Dermaplaning softens surface irregularities, giving the skin a smoother appearance. It also stimulates collagen and elastin, minimizes sun damage, and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. 

Stretchmarks Reducer

Package of four sessions is recommended for best results.

60 minutes session

$375 per session or $1500 per package of four sessions.

Our TCA 15% and SA 30% medical-grade products promote powerful cell renewal because of the intense coagulant action on albumins (frosting) and dermal-epidermal restructuring for healthy skin by using a combination of acids with powerful keratolytic and antimicrobial action. They are recommended for red and white stretch marks.

Mesopeel 40% Professional Lactic Peel

60 minutes session

$220 per session

Lactic single acid peels are recommended for dry, mature and sensitive skin types in need of hydration. This peel will soften fine lines and wrinkles and stimulate collagen and elastin.

Acne Professional Salicylic Mesopeel 30% 

80 minutes session

$260 per session

Mandelic single acid peels are recommended for combination skin conditions such as acne breakout and congestion with mild signs of aging and pigmentation.

Acne DSE Professional Treatment

45 minutes session

$265 per session

A cream-based peel that addresses photo aging, wrinkles, and acne. It inhibits the tyrosinase enzyme, breaks apart melanosomes, and renews the epidermis. Unique exfoliating treatment using vitamin A as therapeutic element against photoaging on levels I and II associated with inflamatory acne and mild pigmentations.  


Sealogy Anti-Aging Facial 

60 minutes session 

$225  per session

Anti-Aging * Volumizing *Collagen Building * Antioxidant

This incomparable youth restoring facial leverages the power of marine harvested collagen, active natural exfoliants, and concentrated restoring ingredients for a power-packed anti-aging sea based facial. Concentrated anti-aging combines with European pampering in seven power-packed steps to combat skin breakdown due to aging and environmental stressors, buffering skin moisture and protein fiber levels with sea harvested nourishment. Replenishes collagen and elastin, volumizes, smoothes, anti-oxidizes, and boosts skin resiliency. Instant results include reduction in the appearance of fine lines, broken capillaries, facial redness and increased skin evenĀ­ness. Suitable for all skin types

Infusion Facial

40 minutes session

$175 per session

Infusion Facial replenishes collagen and elastin. It also volumizes and smoothes, anti-oxidizes, and boost skin resiliency. Add-on is available with double infusion and with double infusion plus lifting mask.

The Stem Facial

35 minutes session 

$275 per session

The latest technique in improving the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, scars (acne, surgical, burn) stretch marks, pore size, skin tone, and texture.


Refresh Mask

20 minutes session

$110 per session

Designed to refresh and regenerate damaged skin, contributing to the restructuring of the epidermis and calming irritation.

Eye Brow Reshaping

20 minutes session

$25 per session

Revitalize your brows and upgrade your look with this simple and very effective treatment.